Culture and art

The treasure of the sites, history and experimentation

Culture and art

Culture in Levico Terme means a close bond with the territory, its nature and history. In recent years, there has been extensive work to develop the territory. Maps have been created of the historical routes and the nature has became a place for a new awareness and experimentation. Hikers, departing from Levico Terme, can walk the ancient roads that made ??the Valsugana a central communication hub, but also a border and war zone. In the cities, there are many events where you can taste local products, thanks to the slowfood network forged by the local producers. In the summer the Valsugana offers festivals and concerts. Some particularly interesting events include the historical Pergine Spettacolo Aperto and the sculpture symposia, where theatre, music and sculpture take over the towns, turning them into places of art. Arte Sella is also a beautiful location where art and nature meet, in the awareness and appreciation of our natural heritage.

The ancient streets

Food culture in Levico Terme is promoted each spring with an interesting event called Ortinparco, a fair with local products and dishes, but also dedicated to remembering rural traditions and crafts. With Ortinparco, the network of local producers that promotes the "slowfood conduit" snaps into action, and with them, the season of wine and food tourism.

The slowfood conduit, which is present throughout the area, promotes the protection of the agricultural heritage of the area; Senti la differenza (Taste the difference) is a trademark owned by many here, which certifies the principle of the short chain and the traceability of basic ingredients. The products from the area are therefore of quality and wholesome, and some must-tries are the sausages and mountain cheeses, the Parampampoli and the polenta with Valsugana flour, true delights.

The art and places

In Valsugana the artists experiment; a contemporary look revisits places and environments, creating new meanings with the tools of art. One of the first fruits of this sensibility is Arte Sella, an art exhibition that has been running since 1986. In Val di Sella it has created a path of art that goes through nature, ArteNatura, which features new works every year. It is a lovely walk through the woods, a place to observe the surrounding environment and be amazed by the works created on site using natural materials. Thanks to the art events scattered through the year, culture and ecological sensitivity are kept alive in the towns as well, in Levico Terme and in the other localities. The symposia on wood carving are fascinating, such as Encontrarte in Levico Terme and Luci ed Ombre del Legno:, which is held in several villages: the streets and courtyards of the historic centres become the artists' workshops, artists who for several days can be seen creating their works. A very interesting and now historic event is Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, founded in 1976: the forgotten and peripheral spaces of this city are explored and relived through events and workshops in music, theatre and dance. Art becomes a tool for reflection on the theme of diversity, in all its expressions.